Patient Survey

How did the treatment enhance your life?
Oh, no more discomfort and no worries about using a BIG smile.

What advice would you give to others?
Go for it! It is painless and rewarding.

What would you say if someone asked your opinion of your periodontist?
Dr Rasenberger, the periodontist that performed my implant procedure (twice) is the best!  Professional knowledge, skilled and has a warm and kind demeanor.

Was it worth it?
Absolutely—no question, I would do the same again!


Patient Survey

Benefits of getting a dental implant and crown:
“The benefit of having back teeth on both sides and being able to chew my food.”

Any advice to other patients:
“Go for it; you have nothing loose but everything to gain to help keep the other teeth healthy.”

Was it worth it?:
“Yes.  I wish I had made the investment ten years earlier prior to getting a bridge.”
“Dr. van Kesteren was very gentle and professional.  He explained the procedure so you understand it clearly.”

Patient Survey

Benefits of getting a dental implant and crown:
“I no longer live in fear that my bridge will fall out and that I will be exposed in public with one of my front teeth missing.  I like my smile much better.”

Any advice to other patients:
“Do it!  I delayed in having my tooth implant for many years.  Wish that I would’ve done it sooner.”

Was it worth it?:
“Benefit far outweighed financial investment.  I would 100% do it again.”
“I highly recommend Dr. van Kesteren and his office.  He was patient with all of my questions and concerns.  Great experience!”

I wanted healthy gums.  The tissue graft will save my front bottom teeth.  I can keep smiling and be healthy.  I would advise others to have the treatment done.  The financial investment was worth it.  If I could go back in time, I would make the decision to go forward with the treatment. 

Dr. Tolmie was wonderful.  He was very professional, kind, thoughtful, and gentle.  Thank You!

Everything was perfect and I have very strongly recommend that my friends go to your clinic.

The financial investment was good. Although this treatment is not covered by medicare or Medicaid. Thank god that my son could pay for everything.

All are great doctors. I am very happy for the service that Dr. Rasenberger did for me.
My mouth hasn’t felt this good in years. No swollen gums when treatment was received. No bleeding or oozing. No bad taste when waking up. I wish this treatment (laser) was available years ago.

I would advise anyone who was recommended to have the treatment to do so without reservation.

I thought the cost of the laser treatment was very reasonable. My mouth, teeth and gums haven’t felt this good in years.

I would recommend Dr. Tolmie highly. He is very capable and treats patients very gently. He is the best.

My gum health is greatly improved and it had an excellent cosmetic effect. It’s important to deal with gum recession sooner rather than later as I did. The procedure was worth my financial investment with very important beneftis. Dr. van Kesteren was very confident and professional. He seeks to deliver excellent care.

[The treatment] ended my pain and gave me confidence in dentistry. I would recommend that others in a similar situation do it now. I was apprehensive about pain. I had no pain.
I felt comfortable with the fees. I would do it again in a minute.
Dr. Van Kesteren was able to fit me into his busy schedule at the last minute and quickly (and painlessly!)  alleviated me from the severe tooth pain I was having. I definitely have a better and pain-free quality of life now!

I would definitely recommend that anyone in need of treatment do so and see Dr. Van Kesteren. He is not only an exceptional dental surgeon, but a compassionate one as well. I truly had a stress-free, painless experience and in addition, I received a follow up call to make sure I was okay.

Dr. Van Kesteren very graciously worked with my budget and allowed me to receive the very best dental care at a fraction of the price it would have cost me to go elsewhere. Additionally, Dr. Van Kesteren was very patient and knowledgeable in explaining to me all of my dental & financial options. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured & he helped me choose the best option for my situation.
I would give Dr. Van Kesteren 5 stars out of 5 stars!! He is the most skilled & caring Dental Professional that I have ever encountered and I have already recommended him to my friends and family!

Not only do I now have a permanent new tooth, I feel confident that I can eat anything in my normal diet without fear of damage to the tooth or won’t need to worry about future dental problems with the tooth.

I would advise people to just do it. You will have a much better outlook for good dental health than with a bridge, which not only can break in and of themselves, but potentially compromise surrounding teeth.

It was worth it no matter what. This is a one-time investment in your dental health as opposed to potentially continuing problems and the expenses that go with a bridge.

Dr. Van Kesteren is a wonderfully caring person, knows his profession inside and out and always puts the best interests of his patients first. I highly recommend Dr. Van Kesteren to anyone dealing with the need to replace a tooth.
~Leon G

We saved my tooth! No bridges or implants – I am happy.

The end result was well worth the financial investment – I would make the same decision again.

This sounds very simple – but I really liked Dr. Rasenberger. He had a professional explanation of surgery grafting. Was excellent, on time and efficient. In the chair – procedure  - out of the chair!  I Highly recommend. Also the assistants, front desk, financial consult were all perfect.
~Joan N
Dr. Rasenberger is  genuinely caring, very competent and a very nice person to deal with.
~Alice B
My smile is better now. I would recommend it to anybody and would do it again myself if needed. Dr. van Kesteren did a great job. He was really nice.
~Donnie R
I love Dr. van Kesteren and his staff! They were great! If someone had to do this, I would certainly recommend him. He is excellent!
~ Shirley K
I now have a much healthier looking gum area and hopefully won’t lose my teeth. I would tell people not to be afraid of the procedure. It was a little expensive, but well worth it. I would do it again if I had to. The doctors were extremely nice and the staff was great. Answered all my questions and fears.
~Connie B
I have a sound tooth implanted; it looks and feels very strong and natural. I would tell other people to just do it. It’s expensive, but worth it. Dr. Rasenberger was very good. He is professional, but friendly. He explains things clearly. ~CG
I now have enhanced self-confidence, decreased self-consciousness, and improved speech pronunciation.The procedure was pain free. The entire process was a pleasant experience.Staff and especially Dr. Rasenberger are very professional, thoughtful, compassionate, cheerful and calming in every aspect of the procedure. ~GD


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